I am your partner in all aspects of the home buying and selling process. I have connections with service providers across the country, featuring fantastic customer service and reliable representatives. Explore a list of my service partners below.

Kim Puller
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Kimberly Puller

Settlement Officer

c: 443.306.1792



Most people do not think about title settlement when they begin their search. It is however, a crucial step in the process. The title company will hold your deposit in escrow until settlement as well as completing a through title search to help ensure a free and clear title is issued to you at settlement. Kimberly works efficiently throughout the process to help secure your investment. She will coordinate with your lender and all other interested parties in the transaction.

Mortgage Lending

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Guaranteed Rate Affinity

Brant Millham

Originating Manager

O: 443.404.2037  C: 410-776-1421



Bob Kemp (1)

Guaranteed Rate Affinity

Bob Kemp

VP of Mortgage Lending

O: 443.404.2039 C: 410-564-6114